Styling Tips: How to Style Your African Prints

Working with prints can be very intimidating, The Ankara fabric specifically is very bright and colorful which can limit where it can be worn to. However, if styled properly, you can wear your Ankara clothes and accessories to any occasion. Here are a few tips on how to achieve this

Don’t be afraid to mix prints
To achieve that perfect street style, make a statement with multiple prints. There is no right or wrong to this.

For the Office, pick just one piece of Ankara
Corporate wears are more laid back and neutral. However, a pop of color might just be the coffee you need to boost your day. You can choose to go for just an Ankara skirt with a neutral colored top and shoes, or an Ankara top wit your favorite corporate bottoms. Just remember to avoid anything that shows too much skin.

Save the long elegant dresses for formal events.
It can be very tempting to carry that Ankara purse and wear that Ankara shoe with that Ankara dress for that gala night. But if your really want to look elegant and appropriate, leave the Ankara shoes and bags at home and try styling with a single colored shoe and bag,

Wear neutrals to show off accessories
Wanna show off that new African print earrings, bags and shoe? A simple plain colored outfit might just do the trick. This will draw all attention to that new colorful set of accessories.

Downplay your Ankara obsession with headwraps.
A headwrap might just be the only Ankara piece you need to make a statement. It is on the head so it can never be hidden.

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